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Choose Your Lens Type

If the frame choice has a lot to do with stylish preferences, lenses are the more functional aspect of your new glasses. In short, what do you need them for?

Prescription or Non-Prescription

The choice here is pretty simple, whether you’re shopping for eyeglasses or sunglasses you have to choose: buying prescription glasses online or getting non-prescription (also called plano).

Prescription type

What do you need your glasses for? Reading (Near-Vision lenses), driving (Single-Vision lenses) or both (Progressives or Bifocals). Before moving on, you’ll provide your prescription, either by filling it out online, uploading it or sending it later via email.

Coating & Customization

Here functionality and purpose come into play. For eyeglasses, you can add protective coatings like anti-scratch, UV protection or Digital Block for long hours in front of digital devices. Digital Block glasses, for example, are also recommended for use 1.5 hours before going to sleep to help your eyes relax before night-time. Sunglasses have additional options such as mirrored and polarized lenses for enhanced vision and an extra layer of cool.

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